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Lifestyle games for creative minds.

About Us

Figuratic is a passionate mobile gaming studio based in Stockholm Sweden. We love to create fun and creative mobile game experiences within fashion and makeup in 3D.

With most mobile gamers being women, our mission is to satisfy an underserved mobile game audience with a high demand for new and engaging mobile experiences.

‚ÄčOur vision is to be an early mover into 3d on mobile and deliver high-quality lifestyle games for creative minds focusing on inclusivity for everyone and all genders.

Endless Creativity in 3d!

Enter a new creative world of makeup and fashion in 3D! Build own realistic avatars, create and share makeup styles of your wildest imagination with fashion and accessories.

Compete in daily themed challenges for the best creative style, share, build your follow base, and play with friends in teams. 

Fashion shopping in AR

In 2019, we successfully launched an AR virtual try-on app in collaboration with fashion brand Chiquelle. The project's goal was to create an engaging experience for Chiquelle's social media followers, allowing them to try out and create styles with the brand's latest product releases.

The launch of the Chiquelle mobile app achieved high engagement, generated compelling content on social media channels, and reached top rankings in the Swedish App Store.

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